Cyanotype Photographer – Joy Gregory

An artist who uses Cyanotypes is Joy Gregory – she uses a diverse range of mediums and techniques including film, moving image, analogue and digital photography as well as Victorian print processes – cyanotypes.

The method of cyanotype printing is something Gregory includes in her work. I was particularly interested in her cyanotype prints for their strong contrast, rich blue colour and strangely ghostly feel to them. I also found a deep sense of human presence in her work. Gregory is also able to speak through these cyanotypes and make us think about how we view each image and society as a whole.









A project done using cyanotypes by Gregory is “Girl Thing”, the idea behind the project is an exploration of gender construction through associations with the objects featured in the images (dolls, dresses etc): Since cyanotypes were discovered in 1842, the association with the objects haven’t changed when gender comes into question. The instant recognition of the objects and their wider meanings to a broad audience indicates that despite claims of radical social change over the last forty years. The essence of gender expectation remains the same.”


Cyanotype Photographer – Joy Gregory

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